Facebook CEO has confirmed that Facebook unsent button will be available with Facebook Messenger next update. An ‘Unsend’ button will be added which will helps the users the avail this feature.

Facebook Secret Chat Feature :

Facebook Messenger currently offers a Secret chat feature wherein messages can be timed to self-destruct with durations ranging from 5 seconds up to 1 day. With the new feature, however, Facebook states that the process hasn’t yet been finalised. The social media giant claims it could offer self-destructing messages similar to Secret chat.

Zuckerberg has not had a great past few weeks, with its latest misfortunes triggered by the Cambridge Analytica data breach scandal that broke out recently. This became more serious when it was found that it had deleted CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s messages from several recipients’ inboxes on Facebook. This made Facebook to roll out this feature with beta testing.

Dissimilarities with WhatsApp delete messages feature


Facebook owned WhatApp has similar feature that enables the users to delete the message which was sent before a specific amount of time. However this comes up with a message “Your message was deleted”. This was not the story in Facebook. Unsend option will directly delete the message rather than showing any weird notification to the recipient. To be noted Instagram also has an similar feature that allows users to delete the messages in DM’s.