As of the current trends in mailing Gmail stands always at the first. Google’s very Gmail is very famous for its easy to use User Experience and all other features. Today Gmail releases an announcement about the latest 14 new features in the Gmail. This major update is given by Google after years. Have a look at those updates.

Recipient Blocking for forwarding, downloading or printing the Email:

This feature enables the senders to stop the recipients from forwarding downloading or printing the email.

Setting Expiry dates to Emails:

This  option is used to set an expiration date to an email or they can completely revoke it. What Gmail does is in the confidential mode is that it doesn’t send the content of the mail. Rather, a link to the content is sent which on opening displays as a regular email in a Gmail client.

Two-Factor Authentication for Emails:

Gmail is also offering 2FA or two-factor authentication protection. A recipient of a mail in confidential mode will have to enter a SMS passcode to read the message.

Snooze feature for scheduling emails:

A new snooze feature will now allow users to schedule important mails to pin at the top of the inbox at a later stage.

Offline access to Gmail :

Now Gmail will have an ‘offline’ version where users can work on in case there’s no connectivity. The messages will be synced and downloaded as soon as one is connected to the Internet.

Nudging feature: Get reminders for important mails you may have missed:

It’s not a random bump of old mails as Google is using machine learning to identify which mails are ‘important’. If an email has a direct question and hasn’t been replied to, that email will also be flagged up.

Access attachment option without opening the mail:

Attachments with emails will now be visible in the inbox. There will be an icon below the message which people can access without opening the mail.

High-priority push notifications:

A new feature called High Priority notifications is being introduced which will filter out the number of notifications. Notifications will mainly be sent for mails which are considered important or urgent. Google says that almost 97% per cent of push notifications will be reduced.

Assistive unsubscribe: One-click option to get rid of pesky mailing lists:

One-click option will be available to users from unsubscribing from pesky mailing lists. These messages aren’t really read by most users or fall in the Spam folder.

Smart reply feature comes to web:

The Smart reply feature will be available on the Web client of Gmail. It’s already there on the mobile version and basically gives three short replies to email. The replies can be edited or immediately sent, depending on what a user wants to do.

New side panel:

A new side panel will now be available on the right side of the screen and will list the most-used Google apps. It will include Calendar, Tasks among others. The idea behind this, according to Google, is that users don’t have to leave Gmail to access other apps.

New interface: Gets a ‘less cluttered’ look:

The user interface will be more attractive and have a less cluttered look. This feature, however, will only be for the Web version of Gmail.

Google Tasks app for Android and iOS:

A new Google Tasks app for G Suite users on Android and iOS is also being released. The app will allow G Suite users to keep their tasks up-to-date on their smartphones. The changes will show in the Google Tasks on the desktop as well.

Phishing warning gets better:

While phishing warnings aren’t new but the new update of Gmail makes it better. Google will flag all potential phishing mails with banners which will be coloured – red, yellow or grey – depending on the risk factor.